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Custom Gift Baskets 
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 Please bookmark this page so you can come back anytime for all your Oahu Gift Basket needs! We do take special requests for Custom Gift Baskets!

Honolulu Gift Basket Company can customize a Hawaii gift basket or card for any occasion. Of course we can do the traditional fruit basket with a Pineapple from Hawaii being the main attraction. Several keepsake containers or baskets are available to choose from. Hawaii has lots of special gifts and items that you might want to include such as activities, local made soaps, jellies, potato chips, and many others. A movie ticket basket is always popular. It is always nice to add a personal touch to the custom basket. The only thing you will not find below is average baskets. We do not like to do anything half way! All baskets are wrapped with Hawaiian printed cello wrap and have a beautiful bow. Our visitor baskets are able to be packed in a suitcase for the return home so they will not have to leave it behind.

Personalised Gift Card
We can also enclose a personalized gift card in your Hawaiian Gift Basket. Just send us a personal photo and we can print it and put it in a blank card that has a cut out. Then we will hand write your message inside. You can email us a gif or jpg at least 4 by 6 inches. We will take care of the rest! We will need your photo at least 5 days in advance. The additional charge for a custom card is $7.00.


This is a couple of our custom cards for newlyweds! Click on the photos to see an enlargement.

Gift Certificates
Here in Hawaii we have a lot of wonderful activities that make great gifts. Luaus, Snorkel Trips, Whale Watches, Zip Lines, and even dinner in a famous restaurant, just to name a few. Let us put your gift on a beautiful certificate and deliver it to your friends. You might also want to add it to one of our great gift baskets you see below! Just call us and let us know what you are looking for and we will help you find the perfect gift.


Gift Boxes

Some things are just better in a box! With any gift we do we try to make the basket or the box something a visitor can pack into their suitcase. These boxes are beautiful and anyone would want to keep them. If they live in Hawaii we use a basket they will want to keep and treasure for years to come.


Wine and Cheese Basket


Here you see a Wine and Cheese Gift Basket which anyone would enjoy but if you are looking for something for a man it is perfect. It can be customized as well with any kind of wine that you request. A Top Hat ice bucket makes a nice keepsake or even the Lauhala Box you see below. Click photo to right to see a wrapped enlargement!

Price: $105.00
Price with Ice Bucket is $175.00

Click to see enlargement!


This is a Wine and Cheese basket before and after being wrapped. Click photo to see an enlargement! There is a bottle of Wine, a package of quality crackers, two kinds of cheese, a wine opener or cheese knife, and two crystal wine glasses. Depending on availability a Cheese Platter can be used in place of a basket.



Variety of Crackers

Tea Basket (Box)
Below are a few tea for one sets!
We usually include cookies and Hawaiian Honey with these gifts.
Click on any photo to see enlargements!


Custom Coffee Gift Basket
Also great for a manly gift!

The Hawaiian Coffee Gift Basket can be customized too! Normally we include a Hawaiian Coffee, 2 Hawaiian Souvenir Mugs, Cane Sugar and Cookies to enjoy with the Coffee.

Price: $95.00.



 Mimosa Gift Basket!

It is a large sized basket with a
fresh Pineapple, great Orange Juice, Champagne, Hawaiian Coffee and
8 Breakfast Pastries.

Hawaii Mugs or Champagne Flutes can be added for an additional $20.
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
are also a nice addition. $25.

Click photo to see an enlargement!
Baskets may vary!

 Honeymoon or Celebration Gift Basket

This is just right for newlyweds or any romantic couple! Chocolate covered Strawberries and Champagne! Two beautiful Champagne Flutes! This happens to be Chardonay as that was the couples favorite so we included a wine opener and wine glasses. The Lauhala basket is a keeper to take home for a nice remembrance. For non-drinkers we can use Sparkling Cider. This is the perfect basket to add an Activity to.




We can fill this basket with a wonderful Picnic. Maui Wine, Cheeses, French Bread etc......Click photo for enlargement!



Why not send your friends or relatives an hour of romance! Basket includes a Picnic. Click photo for enlargement!



 New Hawaiian Moonshine!

This is a great gift idea for the right person. Click on image to see enlargement. We can pair this with a couple of Hawaii shot glasses and whatever else you might like.

Moonshine - $35.00

Sees Chocolates

Prices Vary

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Our special Chocolate Covered Strawberries can be added to any order. They come 8 to a package and make a great addition to any gift basket you may want to order.



 Fun In The Sun

The Fun In The Sun beach basket with the items you see in this pail includes a HawaiiTowel, Maui Babe suntan lotion, a water bottle and sunglasses. All the necessaries for a day at the beach. 


 Snorkel Cooler

A cooler with all the fixings for a day of snorkel fun!

This includes Snorkel and Mask, Fins, Defogger, Snorkel Food, Mesh Snorkel Bag, Fish Card, and Maui Babe Suntan Lotion.


 Hiking Cooler

Everything you need for a good hike. Oahu is a great place to go hiking. The scenery is beyond belief. This is the perfect gift basket for someone that loves to hike! It includes a Sun Visor, Maui Chips, Maui Babe Suntan Lotion, Sunglasses, Hiking Maui Guide, Hawaiian Cookies, and Disposable Camera.


 Bath Basket!

To the right of this basket you see a spa blanket. If you have never taken a bath with one of these you do not know what you are missing. You soak it in the hot bath water and pull it up to cover you with warmth!



Use your Imagination!
Spaghetti Dinner is one of our favorites!
We can also put together an organic basket!
How about a Recipe Basket with all the ingredients to make the recipe!
Wine and Cheese Basket Coffee Basket (Maui Coffee, Mugs) etc....
Breakfast Basket. (pancake mix) etc.... Honolulu Gift Basket (Everything from Hawaii) Pineapple etc..
Tea Basket (Tea Pot, cups etc....) Fun in the Sun Basket (For the Beach) 
Beer and Nut Basket Hawaiian Book Basket (Hiking, Cooking) etc.....
Movie Basket (Movie tickets and snacks) Activity Basket (Tickets to an activity) etc....

Cookie Gift Baskets
Click picture to see enlargement!



Price: $75.00 

Price: $75.00

 Gift Bags

We can customize any gift bag you may want or that we can find on Oahu and put any items you choose in your special gift! This is perfect for someone that does not have a lot of room in their suitcase for the return trip.Click on the photo to see an enlargement! Price varies.

Custom Easter Baskets
We can customize an Easter Basket to fit your needs. Just plan early! Basket will include some candy, toys and a stuffed animal.

Click on photo to see an enlargement!

Personalize Your Gift

These are just some of the product available for gift baskets. You can customize any basket you wish with enough notice.



To the left you see a can cooler, Aloe Ice, Maui Babe suntan lotion and a water bottle. Above you see Maui Cookies, Macadamia Nuts, Maui Coffee, Aloha Fruit Beverage, and Maui Chips. There are so many choice!

Set the theme with a great Hawaii book!
Oahu Revealed
Hiking Oahu
Hawaiian Dictionary
The Complete Oahu Guidebook

How about a Singing Telegram! Yes, they do still exist!

Singing Telephone Message........$35.00
Song with Guitar.........$195.00

Christmas Gifts
We can deliver just about anything you can think of. Just let us know your thoughts.

Stuff a stocking with custom items.

$65 and up!
Stocking Holder not included!

This gift is a lot of fun!

Let Honolulu Gift Baskets make you a beautiful Christmas Wreath!

Fresh Wreath



Customising and Delivery!
If there is something special you would like for your Hawaiian gift basket please email us your inquiry or just give us a call! We will work with you to come up with the perfect Gift Basket. All Baskets have a $10.00 to $15.00 delivery fee in Honolulu. When delivering to a Hotel we do have to give the Bell person $5.00 to place it in the room, that would be additional as well. We can normally deliver any of our arrangements in 48 hours. If a rush is needed there will be an additional charge of $25.00. Please try to order in advance. Tax of 4.166% will be added to all purchases.

Oahu Mission Impossible!
We have a special talent of being able solve some pretty incredible problems. With 22 years of resources we can pull off just about anything that nobody else in Oahu will do. We call these Mission Impossibles. We are happy to help people with any thing that they would like to accomplish and we enjoy the experience but you have to realize that there is time and effort involved. Sometimes we are asked to do the impossible but people do not want to pay us for our time and effort. We really enjoy helping people with special projects but we do have to earn a living. Mahalo for your understanding!

Call Toll Free: (800) 788-1214
Open 7 days a week from 8:00am to 9:00pm
Local: (808) 280-1214

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